Increasing Value

Getting a HaviArt by commission is a good way of investment.

His artwork graces over 500 corporate and private collections worldwide, while boasting a rapidly growing line of clients. Many celebrities have already chosen his HaviArt commission, such as: Pamela Anderson, Daymond John, Venus Williams, Carlos Santana, Bernie Yuman, Muhammad Ali, John Secada, Lil Kim,  Peña Nieto (president of Mexico), Diego torres, Taylor Armstrong, Elaine Lancaster and Donald Trump.

Due to his growing demand, Havi's work is acquired across the world and is the subject of classrooms and conferences worldwide.

Home Decor - Wall Art

A great way of celebrating yourself and love ones by hanging their portraits in your living room, house entrance, or that special place in your homes.  

A creative tradition – a celebration of life.

Commissioning your first painting could become a wonderful, long-lasting tradition for your family and a way to celebrate every new moment cherished for generations to come. Whether to gift to a loved one or friend or to reward yourself for what you’ve accomplished. Commissioning art and collecting it is a unique and personal experience that you will love.

Wedding Keepsakes

HaviArt offers art tributes for your very special day. Have the artist recreate a special moment from your wedding or reception on canvas.

Creative Process

You get to be part of the prices by selecting the image of your preference.


​Size options and design may be discussed as well as pricing, which vary from $6,000 to 34,000. 

How does commissioning a painting work?

When you contact us to consult you on your personal commissioned painting, we go over everything entailed. We decide your choice of size, and picture you wanna commission. We then go over pricing, process times and payment options. 

What is the payment process? While most collectors prefer to pay in full, all commissioned work requires at least 50% down payment of the total up front to cover material costs and as a deposit.

How long do commissioned paintings take? Due to the high demand and busy schedule, custom work takes 4 to 12 weeks depending on the waiting list. Please be sure to contact Havi with adequate time in advance of the deadline and note when it is needed.

What is the current pricelist? Please email for pricing

Will Havi paint smaller paintings or other small work? Havi does not accept paintings smaller than 24″x36″.

What media does Havi work in? Acrylics on printed blueprint canvas, painted with spatula. 

Reserve your Commission

Call us at (786) 355-7087 to book a local consultation or email us at for your commission email-consultation.

Custom paintings have a 2-6 week waitlist, and may take 4 weeks to 8 weeks to completion. Please plan ahead if commissioning for a special occasion.